From marrakech to essaouira

Day trip to Essaouira

Day trip to Essaouira

Essaouira is known as Mogador. It is a city that reminds us of the time in which Spain, Portugal and England were beaten to keep control of their coasts.The city has many things to offer ; the typical port with lively examples of Moorish art and art Portuguese. Essaouira is known as artists working with the Thuya, the Distress of money, the port, the islands and the meusems of Sidi Mohammed Ben Abd Allah.

Origin of the name Mogador:

The major influence on Moroccan culture is Islam, brought to North Africa by the Arabs. They began bringing their civilization in the 7th century and the Alaouite dynasty, which claims descent from the Prophet Mohammed, has ruled Morocco since 1649.

Mogador has a major crossroads of cultures, connecting with the Haha Berbers and Chiadma Arabs.

The historians during the Middle Ages describe the site as a fortified town and a place of wintering for the navigators on the river of Amkdour (Oued Ksob).

In 1506, the king of Portugal, D. Manuel I ordered a fortress to be built in Mogador, named "Castelo Real de Mogador" but the Portuguese only stayed in Mogador for 19 years. Local people then controlled the site.During the 16th century, various powers including Spain, England, the Netherlands and France tried in vain to conquer Mogador.

Ideally situated with regard to the trade winds of the North Atlantic, Mogador prospered in the triangular trade between Europe, Africa and the Americas 17th - 19th century.Goods and slaves from the sub-saharan Africa through the caravan trade passed through and Mogador had its own export of sugar and molasses from the middle ages to the 17th century. European cloth, Chinese tea was brought by the Europeans.

It is said that Essaouira remained a haven for the anchoring of pirates.


Price per person in euros

  • 2 participants: Price per person 60€
  • 3 participants: Price per person 45€
  • 4 participants: Price per person 35€
  • 5 participants: Price per person 30€
  • 6 participants: Price per person 25€


The price includes:

  • Vehicle with driver / guide.
  • Fuel, tolls and any associated expenses.
  • Private tour, there will be no more people in the group.
  • Pick up from your hotel, Riad, airport or wherever you want.


Not included:

  • Lunch, drinks and the cost of visits.


Distance and duration:

  • 340 km (round trip).
  • 9 hours (approx).


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Pratical advices