Special offers

Special offers

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We offer several special tours and excursion thoughtout Morocco.   Our offers are at best prices considering low costs for many options to visit Morocco.


During our Morocco tour with us, you you will discover the best of Morocco, imperial cities and Sahara desert with a professional team which knows everything about their country, we will show the best places to stop for for to take pictures, best restaurants to eat and taste the Moroccan specialties of each city or village, we speak your language, we will explain everything to you about our culture and traditions because Morocco is an ancient country with a strong sense of culture. Though the ancient culture of Morocco has influenced its people for centuries, it is diverse and seems to have been derived from several other ancient cultures.

The original inhabitants of Morocco were the Berber people. These people lived in large familial tribes and there was no actual recognized government over the area. Instead, tribal Berbers lived according to the rules of their tribal leaders and the rules of one tribe could be far removed from the rules of another tribe.

So during your Morocco excursion or Morocco trip with us, you are not going to lose any information or attraction along the way.

We have several activities in our Morocco tours and excursions like windsurfing in Agadir or Essaouira, culture tours to Casablanca Fez, Marrakech and other imperial cities, Morocco camel trekking and 4x4 tours in Morocco toward Merzouga desert, Mhamid desert or Zagora desert departing from Marrakech, Casablanca, Fez, Agadir or from another city where you are in Morocco.


Your choice is always ours for this special trip which  can start from Marrakesh, Casablanca, or  any other city where you desire within the Morrocan territory.

Go for a fantastic Holiday with us. Join us in an unforgetable trip visiting one the most exciting countries in Africa.


Your choice is always ours for this special trip.

Special offers for your Morocco tours and excursions  with best prices and low cost for several options around Morocco starting your trip from Marrakech or from na other city in Morocco.

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We are looking forward to hear from you. In the meantime, we remain at your disposal with any questions you might have or any assistance we can provide.